$25 Minimum Purchase Requirement

Well, I've Finally Done It, I've Created an Online Store!


You've been asking me to do this for years, and I have finally done it, I've launched an online store. I've been prolific, to say the least, in my designs for more than a decade and posting my entire line will take some time. This is only the beginning! 

If you don't see a piece that you've had your eye on in one of the many trade show that I attend, send me an email with the description and I'll do my very best to get that design posted, asap. I'll email back to you a link to that piece.

I'll be a busy bee posting "new" designs weekly, I suggest bookmarking my website, :). Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you soon!

Patricia Healey ~ www.patriciahealeycopper.com  ~